Hotel Talisi, You Are Missed

We were coming back from the Wiregrass Saturday night and talked about taking the boys to supper at the Hotel Talisi in Tallassee, then decided since it was so late we would just drive straight through and instead have Sunday brunch there this week.

Well now we won’t get the chance. It burned down overnight.
Hotel Talisi, Tallassee, AL

One of the owners, Dawn Bodenburg, had been emailing me about Hotel Talisi opening back up and us coming back…I’d even gotten an email from a reporter with the Tallassee newspaper about how local businesses were getting involved by sponsoring the redecoration of the hotel rooms.
Oh the way I *loved* the crazy upstairs hallway, like someone’s slightly batty grandmother’s living room:
Hotel Talisi, Upstairs
It even had an old fashioned telephone booth.
Oh, and the fried chicken and everything else they served downstairs in the restaurant…dressing, blackeyed peas, broccoli casserole, squash casserole…if it had ‘casserole’ in the name, they served it.
Supper at Hotel Talisi, Tallassee Alabama

Here’s hoping the insurance company sends Dawn and the other six owners a nice big check and we’ll all be enjoying the Hotel Talisi again very soon.

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