Dear James Dickey

It’s not hard at all to find cars, homes, barns, no telling what completely covered with kudzu but the other day we drove past two houses that were in the process:

James Dickey, who wrote Deliverance (I wasn’t right for several days after seeing that. Was anybody?) wrote a poem about kudzu, and a lot of people know these lines from it:

In Georgia, the legend says
That you must close your windows

At night to keep it out of the house.
The glass is tinged with green, even so,

As the tendrils crawl over the fields.

It’s a really, really dark poem – it’s complete here.

There’s a new brewery being built in Durham called Fullsteam, and the Herald-Sun just ran a story about them.

In the article, they’re quoted as saying

“What we want to ask is, ‘What if in a parallel universe, the South was the center of beer production?’ What kind of beers would we have?”

…so they’re doing a series of beers called ‘Plow to Pint‘ featuring Southern ingredients…
Sweet Potato
Paw Paw Fruit
Hogwash Hickory-Smoked Porter
…and they’re working on a kudzu beer too.

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