Three Halloween Wreaths

Barbara (hi Barbara!) made this feather boa wreath – like this idea – and she made it so great for Halloween with the added decorations from craft shops that she wired in with pipe cleaners glued to the back. The “boo” at the top is strung in with fishing line! Nice!

This year I made two wreaths. This one was made from a twig wreath form plus some spanish moss, embroidered ribbon, and florist hooks. I hung some Spanish moss on the form:

I had a local embroidery shop put “Boo Y’all!” on some super-wide, wired ribbon:

These florist hooks were used to pin the ribbon to the wreath form:


This other wreath was a take-off on the Valentine wreath from earlier this year. Just a flat wreath form plus images of old romantic Halloween cards from a postcard book at Amazon put on with hot glue:

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