We had *the* most fun this weekend – at a place I’d never heard of before this past week: Harmony Park Safari in Huntsville.

I can’t even find a website for them, but they’re at 431 Clouds Cove Road – which I think is technically still in H’ville but pretty far from downtown – and their # is 877.726.4625. Admission was $6/adult. Food for the animals was either $1 cups or a $5 bucket. All the animals roaming loose eat this mix:

It’s a two-mile long path. You must stay in your car at all times, and not let the window down more than 8″ (so you throw the food from your car through the opening in the window). Actually we didn’t mind not having the windows all the way down because some of the animals would have been interested in coming in for a closer visit. We were also told that some of the animals were either ‘in season’ or almost there so you can imagine they were a little more rambunctious than usual.

There were lots of sweet animals that you just wanted to hug:

…and then…see this goat or…is that an Awassi ram…coming up?

Yes. Him:

He rammed our car. Like…head-butted us! Av’s GMC must be ram tough (har) because he didn’t do any damage but if we had been in my BMW…um…this would not have been so funny! He didn’t do any damage at all – it really wasn’t that hard – but it was a little unexpected.

Anyway, the speed limit is 2 mph and the trail is two miles so you can expect to be there about an hour, plus you can go through it as many times as you like. Both the boys *loved* it. The sweet animals would put their faces right up to their windows. There was a llama and an alpaca especially that Shug really liked.

The baby liked the cows and buffaloes I think, because they were taller and easier to see.

Pretty sure the next hundred times we go to Huntsville there will be a request to go to the safari again!

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