Roadside Preacher

About a month ago, we took Highway 11 through Attalla to Gadsden, and then up to Guntersville. At the big intersection of downtown Attalla was this roadside preacher. Sometimes when you see these, the people are just shouting or have megaphones, but this gentleman brought a microphone and speakers. Um, he was loud.

In downtown B’ham there’s a man that stands on the corner of 20th Street and 5th Avenue North (I had to ask Av this because I grew up in a small town where you only knew where things were by their vicinity to other things (i.e. across the street from the Pig), never ‘such-and-such street’. But anyway…), and he has a yellow sign that says “Trust Jesus”. He doesn’t do loud preaching, he mostly chats with other people on the street and waves to people that honk. He’s there just about every day at lunch.

There’s another man that stands on Lakeshore in front of the Sam’s Club by I-65 that has an elaborate loudspeaker system and preaches every Saturday. You can hear him almost a mile away!

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