Huntsville Botanical Garden

A couple of weeks ago, we took the boys to see the scarecrows at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. It had been a long time since I had been and was a little surprised that they charge admission ($10/adult), I guess since both the botanical gardens (BBG and Aldridge) we usually go to are free. But! The gardens were huge and wonderful and totally worth it.

Shug loved the section with the running train:

They have a bonsai display, an herb garden, nature trail, daylily garden, vegetable garden, fern glade…

…a lovely water feature:

…and all those scarecrows! This one, called ‘Toil and Trouble’ by Dot’s Greenhouse, won 1st place People’s Choice award:

This one was promoting the Alabama Chicken & Egg Festival:

The baby loved it too:

While we were there, they had a wedding going on! We didn’t even realize it until we were right there in the children’s garden. What a nice setting:

The scarecrow that I put up each year – here he is last year:

got broken! Well, his head got broken. All I know is that he was okay and then the mailman came and then there were shards of terracotta everywhere. So.

But that’s really okay, I’ve been wanting to paint him a new face anyway. For now, we’re using a happy terracotta pumpkin that Suzanne got me a couple of years ago:

There’s a list of botanical gardens in every state here.

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