Castle + Grocery + Sculpture Garden + Mountain + Another Castle = Documentary On Visionary Architects

There’s a new documentary out by producer/director Zack Godshall and adjunct professor Emilie Taylor of the Tulane School of Architecture that’s touring right now. Zack told me that they expect the dvd later this fall (I’ll post when it arrives and how to get it). This is from the press release:

God’s Architects” tells the stories of five visionary builders and their enigmatic creations. With neither funding nor blueprints, these builders, unbeknownst to one another, dedicate their entire lives to creating architectural worlds and realms that for most of us exist only in the wilds of the imagination. In the fall of 2005, filmmaker Zack Godshall set out with a camera, tripod and microphone to interview and document the work of Floyd Banks, Jr., a divinely inspired castle-builder living in the east Tennessee hill country. Four years later, Godshall completed a feature-length film that both examines and celebrates the work of Banks along with four other solitary builders who have constructed similar monuments. Beyond the builders and their work, the film indirectly functions as a personal essay that explores the nature of inspiration and one’s dedication to a creative project, no matter how absurd or mysterious the circumstances may seem. “God’s Architects” features builders from Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Upcoming viewing dates are:
New Orleans Film Festival, New Orleans Louisiana – Oct 8-15
Indie Memphis Film Festival, Memphis Tennessee – Oct 8-15
Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers, March 2010

Film trailer:

Here are links to my own and others’ visits to the five environments in the documentary:

Floyd Banks, Jr., Reverend H.D. Dennis Kenny Hill Leonard Knight Shelby Ravellette

In case you’re thinking about going, Miss Margaret Dennis’ (she’s H.D. Dennis’ wife…Margaret’s Grocery that’s in the documentary…) funeral is at 2p on Saturday at Cool Springs Missionary Baptist Church, Vicksburg. Burial will be at Cedar Hill Cemetery.

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