Best Kentuck Ever!

Kentuck was so great this weekend! Okay, it was cold and muddy, but wow was it fun!

Ruby C. Williams – we talked a lot about some of the new things she’s doing, but I’m still in love with what she got started with, her produce signs:

Bethanne Hill, beautiful as always:

Jerry Brown – we got there just a few minutes after the festival opened and his face jug strawberry pot had already sold!:

Missionary Mary Proctor – with this Sojourner Truth quote (and gave us her wisdom on how to raise boys in general, including the importance of boys mowing the grass. Gosh, even Av doesn’t mow our grass! Maybe he’s spoiled. Or just allergic.):

This was Peter Loose‘s assistant showing Shug a dulcimer – then later, Peter played ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ for him on it:

Peter has a couple of children’s books now, too. Got one. *So* good!

Ab the Flagman – the site also has the story of how he got started doing flags. He told me the story and it really lends so much meaning to what he creates:

Butch Anthony:

Randy Gachet – we talked about this piece and I asked how he got the tire to fringe like that – it did it naturally – he found it that way on the side of a road. Love the butterflies and dragonflies he added all around it:

Charlie Lucas said he has 22 grandchildren now!!:

Annie Toliver Turner:

Steve Shepard:

Yvonne Wells, fantastic as always:

Chris Clark:

Mister Imagination – he’s living in Atlanta now and says he loves it:

Lonnie Holley:

Amos Kennedy was the *most* fun, as usual.

…and the Gee’s Bend Quilters were there – here are things from Nancy Pettway, Bernice, Allie Pettway, Lola Pettway:

Martha Beadle – so original and fun!:

…and this was Joe Minter‘s first year at Kentuck:

Meeting new people that know us through here was fantastic. Fantastic-fantastic! If you came up and introduced yourself, please send me an email (ginger —at— deepfriedkudzu …dot… com) if you like so we can keep in touch.

Can’t wait for next year already!

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