Best Bluff Park … Ever

We used to think that the Bluff Park Art Show in Hoover, Alabama was an every-other-year festival but things have changed – for the better – and I’m pretty sure we’ll be going annually now. It’s always been a nice festival but in the past it seemed as though there wasn’t a lot of turnover from year to year. This year there seemed to be many more new artists and the quality of what was shown was pretty impressive.

So! I have to start with Brenda Dailey-Parsons from Gulf Breeeze, Florida. I have been…what’s the word…um…coveting her work and regretting not getting one of her pieces since last year’s festival:



Just can’t get over this magnolia, especially:

One of Av’s good friends, Barry Altmark, was there with his photography (he did our wedding 10 years ago – *wonderful* pics) and had a really successful day.

Lonnie Holley was there as a featured artist, demonstrating:

Bethanne Hill was there:


This new quilt piece is really special:

Bethanne has a new website and will be at Kentuck later this month, too.

Artwork she did for a new cd coming out of sacred harp music that the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture is releasing:

…and this is a teapot:

Took me a minute to figure out, but it really is a teapot! V-6 teapot by Paveen “Beer” Chunhaswasdikul.

Other pics from the festival:

(clockwise from top left) Katherine Linn, Kristin Golden, Jeff and Jaky Felix, Timothy Weber, Amy Crews, Guadalupe Robinson, Nelson Grice

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