Best Bluff Park … Ever

We used to think that the Bluff Park Art Show in Hoover, Alabama was an every-other-year festival but things have changed – for the better – and I’m pretty sure we’ll be going annually now. It’s always been a nice festival but in the past it seemed as though there wasn’t a lot of turnover from year to year. This year there seemed to be many more new artists and the quality of what was shown was pretty impressive.

So! I have to start with Brenda Dailey-Parsons from Gulf Breeeze, Florida. I have been…what’s the word…um…coveting her work and regretting not getting one of her pieces since last year’s festival:

Just can’t get over this magnolia, especially:

Debra Riffe‘s art:

These pics aren’t even doing justice to all the wonderfulness she had in her space. Some of her block prints.

…and the best news is that Debra will be showing again later this month at Kentuck!
One of Av’s good friends, Barry Altmark, was there with his photography (he did our wedding 10 years ago – *wonderful* pics) and had a really successful day.

Lonnie Holley was there as a featured artist, demonstrating:

Bethanne Hill was there:

This new quilt piece is really special:

Bethanne has a new website and will be at Kentuck later this month, too.

Artwork she did for a new cd coming out of sacred harp music that the Alabama Center for Traditional Culture is releasing:

…and this is a teapot:

Took me a minute to figure out, but it really is a teapot! V-6 teapot by Paveen “Beer” Chunhaswasdikul.

Other pics from the festival:

(clockwise from top left) Katherine Linn, Kristin Golden, Jeff and Jaky Felix, Timothy Weber, Amy Crews, Guadalupe Robinson, Nelson Grice

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