Your Own…Personal…Vulcan

A couple or three weeks ago, the new LEGO shop in B’ham opened at the Galleria. Part of the grand opening was that the first 300 customers to spend $35+ got an exclusive package with the parts to make a miniature model of Vulcan.

Luckily, we were there and got one! They had this model of Indiana Jones inside the shop – I didn’t even realize that they made LEGO blocks in clear:

In the middle of the mall they were building an 8′ tall R2D2 from Star Wars. Children could help out and they received a certificate for helping with the construction:

This must have been just to show people how it would turn out:

…and this is the Vulcan that Av put together (I am loving my new light box for taking pictures so the backgrounds don’t show!). I think that when they designed this, they did the ‘old’ Vulcan with his colored popsicle light which I like much better that what he’s holding now, the original spear.

There are people on eBay selling their own custom LEGO kits, like this one for a modern train station. Maybe I can get Av to figure out how to make some Rural Studio ones so the boys can have a little neighborhood!

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