White Oak Vineyards, Anniston AL

We’re continuing with our “Alabama Sideways” – trying to visit all the different wineries in the state. This is White Oak Vineyards in Anniston:

Isn’t it pretty? Very pretty. I do want to say here that the mailing address is Anniston, but it’s probably 15 or 20 minutes from downtown Anniston. Not that it matters. The drive out here is really nice.


What a nice setting:

Av came out smelling like a giant grape – I don’t know what it was, maybe because they had the vats of wine there in the tasting room, but it was really strong. They had red, white, and blue muscadine wines and peach and blueberry fruit wines. There was also a muscadine champagne (which…I know…if it’s outside that region in France it’s not technically ‘champagne’ but…) – that sounds like fun!


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