Southern Popcorn

The boys and I were looking at the okra growing this week. Isn’t the blossom pretty? It’s related to hibiscus and cotton:

This plant was taller than me! Little baby okras growing:

It got me in the mood to make fried okra for supper last night. All it takes is buttermilk, a 50:50 flour to cornmeal mixture, oil (heated to 350*), and salt and pepper.
Cut off the tops and tips of each pod:

Then cut into little bite-size pieces. Put them into a bowl of buttermilk:

Then take a few out at a time with a slotted spoon and dredge in the mixture of cornmeal and flour (equal parts is good). Place them gently in oil heated to 350*:

You don’t have to use so much oil that they’re being deep fried (although you can do them that way if you like). Just enough oil to come up 1/2 way on the pieces is really plenty. Turn the little okra pieces so they brown evenly all over. This takes only about 5 or so minutes. Drain on a plate lined with paper towels, and season immediately with salt and pepper.

So good! Some people call fried okra “Southern popcorn” because they’re so good to just pop in your mouth when they’re hot and fresh. Yum!

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