Just Sayin’

I’ve been playing around with Cafe Press forever – making tote bag designs for groups I’m in or little specialty gifts at the holidays, but I finally “opened” my own Cafe Press shop with designs I’ve come up with.

Here’s my latest tote – it’s perfect for Yom Kippur (since you aren’t supposed to wear leather that day) and has a sense of humor! Don’t let those ladies two pews back have something to whisper about you, so bring in something that’s undoubtedly fiber! hahaha! “I’m Not A Leather Bag”:

My favorite things to make are onesies and tees and bibs for the babies. They’ve got little Southernisms, like “Being Brought Up Right!”:

“This Ain’t My First Rodeo”:

“Bless My Little Heart!”:

“I was born at night …but it wasn’t last night!”:

…and for Halloween, “Boo, Y’all!”:

Everything’s available at my Cafe Press shop. Now I’ve just got to start my Etsy shop going!

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