Date Night

So…it really is true that when you have children, going out alone with your husband feels like a date! A couple of weeks ago, Av took me to The View, which is at one of the clubs we belong to.

I think we have been influenced by ‘Mad Men‘ on AMC because Don Draper’s favorite drink is an Old Fashioned and the last two “dates” we’ve been on – at The Veranda (Chef Tom Robey is terrific) and now at The View – Av has been ordering them. That’s an O/F there on the left. All I was in the mood for was a sweet tea along with my water, and they very nicely brought simple syrup (that’s in the little…I think that’s a cordial glass…to sweeten the tea) for it. I love the simple syrup idea – they do that at Chez FonFon too – because then you don’t have to bother with packets and wondering when the sugar will dissolve.

This is the dining room there:
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…and this was our view – they put is right by the window. So pretty.
Supper was nice, but I have to admit: dessert was the best course. Av had some kind of chocolate pie and I had a grape cobbler.
Afterwards, it was really great outside so we walked over to the WBRC sign in front of the television station – there’s kudzu growing all the way up!

We had a wonderful time.

Yay dates!

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