$20K Forever

We saw some of the $20,000 houses that Auburn’s Rural Studio has been building in Greensboro. The idea is that the houses cost $10k in materials and $10k in labor, permits, profit, etc. It’s also designed to be a good choice for people with low incomes who qualify for the government’s USDA 502 Rural Home Loan Program. The 502 is a $20k loan with 30-year repayment for home repair or construction.

This one is called the Pattern Book house:

The Loft house:

The Roundwood house:

The Bridge house:

Are you thinking that some of these $20k houses would make great little lake cottages?

The whole small-house idea has gotten really…big. There are tons of companies that sell everything from plans to kits to full site construction of minimum square footage homes. Here are a few – and some of the designs are gorgeous:
Modern-Shed (love the Play Shed too)
This was at Burning Man this year. I showed it to Av and the first thing he said was “imagine tailgating in that!“.

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