Wine Cork Wreath / Corkboard

The last Italian restaurant we went to, there was a wine cork wreath – something similar to this one – by the host’s desk. That gave me an idea to make my own, but I wanted to do something different that could be used different ways…

Ceiling medallion from hardware store
Spray paint (I used a textured brown paint)
Wine corks – this one used about 65
Hot glue gun, hot glue sticks
Cork trivet (if you like)
Spray paint the ceiling medallion:

Apply wine corks to the medallion’s center using hot glue:

Here it can be used as a wreath:

…or you could hot glue a cork trivet (those are available anywhere from Target to chef’s shops) to the back. Lying flat with a glass bowl or plate in the center, it could hold grapes, or part of a cheese course at a supper party. You could also hang it on a wall and make it into a message board:

Thumbtacks can hold notes on the cork trivet and the individual wine corks too:

If you haven’t been saving your own corks, people have them for sale on eBay, too.

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