The Nature Of Being Southern

The Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy, Alabama (I went to college at Troy State there) is opening their ‘The Nature of Being Southern’ exhibit today, and it is running through November 8th. It is going to be so fantastic, because the artists include:

Katherine Adams
Pink/MM Bass (I think she actually goes by “Pinky Bass”)
Barbara Lee Black ***
Barb Bondy
Cal Breed ***
Annie Butrus
Merrilee Challis
Gary Chapman
Allyson Comstock
Glenn Dasher
Caroline Davis ***
Dori DeCamillis
Russell Everett
Randy Gachet
Nancy Goodman
Karen Graffeo
Sheila Hagler
Murray Johnston
Marilee Keys
Zdenko Krtic
Dale Lewis ***
Steve Loucks
Christopher McNulty
Ted Metz
Scott Meyer
Robert Michelson
Duane Paxson
Larry Percy
John Phillips
Amy Pleasant
Nathan Purath
Sonja Rieger
Guadalupe Robinson
Stephen Savage
Carolyn Sherer
Michael Simpson
Charles Smith ***
Annie Stagg
Scott Stephens
Pamela Venz
Rachel Wright

(If you can only visit a few of these, try the ones with the *** beside the name)
Excerpts from the Troy Messenger:

Metzger said the exhibition is a unique opportunity for the public to see the artwork of 41 individuals who are all recipients of the Alabama State Council on the Arts’ Individual Artists Fellowships, which are the highest and most prestigious awards presented by the Council. Five of the artists have achieved the distinction of being Alabama Masters.

“Some of the pieces are whimsical, some are provocative and all are excellent,” Metzger said. “I’ve been working for art museums and galleries since 1996, and I’ve never before hung a 41-person exhibit. The artists contributed from one to four pieces so this exhibition includes at least 200 pieces. The logistics of hanging the show took a great deal of planning, time and work.”

Metzger said the exhibition features the quality of artwork that one would expect to hang in galleries in art centers in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and other art markets in the world.

“There’s not one piece in the ‘The Nature of Being Southern’ that would be looked down on by any of these galleries,” he said. “I expect the response to this exhibition to be even greater than that to the ‘Prints of Andy Warhol’ exhibit. Many people are interested in the art that is currently being produced in Alabama and, too, more interest in the visual arts is being generated. We see that in the increase in visitors to the Johnson Center.”

“Celebrating Contemporary Art in Alabama: The Nature of Being Southern” only “scratches the surface” of the artistic talent in the state. So, Metzger said there is a possibility that the exhibition could be a bi-annual event.

Editor’s Note: The Johnson Center for the Arts is located at 300 East Walnut Street in Troy. The arts centet is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Admission is always free. Groups are welcome and may be scheduled by calling 334-670-2287.
Can’t wait to see this in person!

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