The Best Chinese Ever.

There’s so much we did in Atlanta on the way to Folk Fest but I *have* to first mention the best Chinese food ever. Ever-ever. In-a-million-years-ever. I wish it had a more sophisticated-sounding name, but it’s Tasty China in Marietta, Georgia.

100% of the credit for this find is to Chowhound – Steve Drucker’s entry here. We began with the fish with green onion and pepper rolls:

Can’t even say how amazing these were. I just almost never let Shug eat anything fried but did let him have one of these, and I think he would have eaten ten more.

My entree was the green beans with ground olives:

I’ve been a vegetarian before and would still rather eat vegetables than anything else, but of everything I’ve ever had, this is one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life! Seriously. Shared this with Shug and he was crazy about it too.

Av’s dish was roasted fish with green onion and pepper:

He loooooved it.

There are pics of dishes from another person’s visit to Tasty China here.
I wanted to take home one of their carryout printed menus to make into a laminated placemat for the boys, but they actually don’t have any and said that they just direct people to their website (which…I can’t find their menu there either). Their website does, though, have a link to their Zagat entry.

The chef that started the Tasty China frenzy on Chowhound is now reportedly at Hong Kong House in Knoxville. Now I’m thinking of other things for us to do in Knoxville for an upcoming trip!
Oh – and the shopping center Tasty China is in is full of other ethnic businesses (Africa Restaurant, Nazareth Grocery, a couple of Latin clubs, more…) and one of them is called ‘Jerusalem Bakery‘ with Arabic writing on the facade. Av went in and got the *freshest* pita bread – they make it there on the spot – that was incredible. And usually when I think of pita I think of some scrawny, sad, no-flavor, dry bread pocket. This was fluffy/thicker and had a great taste! That’ll be part of lunch today, I’m pretty sure…

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