Folk Fest

We went to Folk Fest today in Atlanta – I have to start in the parking lot, though, because Jimmy Straehla was there with his bottlecap truck:

Here are just a few highlights…

Cedric Smith:

Steve Shepard:

Robin Anne Cooper:

Jim Shores – he does a *lot* with cans and car tags but my favorite work he does is of angels with key wings:

Folk Fest is made up mostly of art dealers rather than individual artists with their own booths (although plenty of artists come to support their representatives and meet collectors). There were *so* many dealers with art by ‘Cornbread’ John Anderson. We saw his work everywhere:
Kelly Ludwig (hi Kelly!!) was there with Rare Visions (we don’t get that show on our PBS station but they sell the dvds and books at their site) and I have to mention that Marcia Weber brought a great selection of pieces by Michael Banks at her FF booth too.
There’s so much more to see, and it’s not too late, because Folk Fest is also going on Sunday from 10a – 5p…

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