Between Montgomery And Selma, There’s A Bus

On the highway between Montgomery and Selma, there’s a bus. And it has a message.

You can click on the pictures to see them even bigger, but you could summarize it by saying that this person is voting Roy Moore for governor of Alabama. And he wants prayer back in schools.

And on this side:

Oh wait! I just have to say that every now and then someone will ask me why I spell the Almighty’s name with a dash “-” in the middle and it’s just a custom that some people do to denote respect. There’s a little bit about that here. Okay. Back to the bus.

“Roy Moore for governor of Alabama. A man of G-d stood for G-d.
Gave up a good job up for G-d. A proven man of G-d.
I am 83 year old and can whip the old devil with my paint brush.
Democrats took the school pray out. 10 commandments. Marials (sp?) Captial (sp?)
G-d word is sharper than sword it cut.
We fought Germany and Japan and whipe hell out them.
If you don’t like USA go back to where you came from.”

Back in 2001, Roy Moore (who’s mentioned on the bus) was Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. One night, he installed a granite monument of the 10 Commandments in the Supreme Court building. He said he had it done at night after hours because he didn’t want to disturb anyone. Well, the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center and many others decided to sue him because the monument was a state endorsement of religion.

You know Av is everywhere so of course he was in Montgomery and took these pics. That’s Roy Moore on the left here:

I have to admit I thought it was strange that he had a copyright (!!) on the monument (very bottom, left):

People came from *everywhere* to protest the order to remove the monument. They had…colorful signs. According to this truck, Tennessee is #3 in shacking up.

News agencies brought the big satellite trucks to cover the events:

…and of course people stood with their signs on the steps:

And that was 2003. Roy Moore ran for governor in 2006 and lost by about a 2-1 margin. He’s announced he’s running for governor again. Right now there are nine people running for gov in 2010 according to Doc’s Political Parlor & Home of Lawn Mower Repair (hahaha!).

I think I would rather talk about lawn mower repair.

People are still discussing 10 Commandments cases, as in them being displayed in public buildings. I just did a little Google News search, and there’s a big one going on in Oklahoma.

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