Visiting The Wall

We got to visit again with Tom Hendrix, who built (and is still building on to – it’s been about 30 years now) Te-Lah-Nay’s Wall around Florence, right by the Natchez Trace. The first time we had met Tom was in 2006 and that visit, with several pics and short movies of the wall, is here.

The wall just keeps getting bigger and more beautiful.

It’s made in honor of Tom’s Yuchi great-great grandmother, who was sent away from her home in this area to the Indian Nation in Oklahoma during the Trail of Tears. She later walked all the way back to Alabama, and is the only person known to have done so. I can’t even imagine what this must’ve taken.

It’s the largest monument to a woman in the United States and the largest unmortared wall. While we were there, he told of even more honors and distinctions the Wall has received. He loves to tell how he has “worn out three trucks, over 20 wheelbarrows, over 1,000 pair of gloves, two dogs, and one old man”. And he loves to visit with people and tell the story.
*So* glad that my boys will grow up knowing people like Tom Hendrix.
The Wall’s website is here.

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