The Green Warehouse And Rural Studio, Newbern

The other day when we were in the Black Belt, we went to Newbern and saw some other Rural Studio projects, like the fire department / town hall – this was the first new public building in the town in 110 years:

Just a small-small distance from there, on the other side of the street is this:

Okay, are you thinking like me? Like…ohmygosh that is William Christenberry’s famous green warehouse? It is!

So of course I got pics of the baby with it. You know me. Some people have pics of their kids with Donald Duck at Disney World and I have mine in front of The Green Warehouse.

Okay! So this is the area behind Rural Studio Chantilly House – the 1830s/’40s Chantilly House used to be in Greensboro but was moved here to Newbern to avoid demolition – the amphitheatre and Subrosa Pantheon. There’s a bottle tree there, too:

The wood shop:

Tin. Rusted.

This is the Patrick House designed/built by the RS:

The 1887 Spencer House has been renovated and added on to by the RS and is where faculty lives (Jessie – we stopped here for a minute and talked with Don, who of course remembered you and we, of course, talked about how wonderful you are):

This is the back of the house, above. If you sit on the front porch, you can just look out at the green warehouse all day.

Behind the Spencer House is this guest pod:

Inside – license plates lining the exterior entrance wall:

The RS also did some work on ball fields:

…and just a little outside of town is this stand for an organic farm:

Butch Anthony did all that great metalwork with the signs, etc on the outside.

Ah, this isn’t even everything around Newbern…

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