Sam’s Responds

Today I received an email from a PR agency in Atlanta with the letter that Sam’s Corporate has sent to probably everyone who has written them about the destruction of the Indian mound in Oxford by the city for preparation of a Sam’s Club. The Anniston Star has published that letter (sent to someone else) here.

The nice part is that the person from the agency offered me the opportunity to speak with someone at Sam’s Corporate. I took her up on that offer and sent five questions. I will publish the answers here on DFK when I receive them. It’s only right that all parties are heard.
I hope that this situation is resolved very soon as I am concerned that the mound may have already been disturbed – the city is not even allowing journalists on the site to evaluate – and protestors are planning another demonstration tomorrow (Saturday) in front of the Kohl’s at Oxford Exchange from 10a – 1p.

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