Newest Bottle Tree

Yay! Bethanne Hill made this little bottle tree painting (with all the great cotton stalks at the bottom!) for me and I’m completely in love with it. She finished it this week and it’s so perfect.

Bethanne is represented at Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in Asheville, NC and at Monte Stabler in B’ham.

She always has this fantastic perspective on her art. So many times you feel as though you’re looking at things from above but not hovering (does that make sense?) and sometimes as though you can see with some kind of X-ray vision. Here’s Victoryland and Mud Mama as a couple of examples.

Ah, I can’t even say “Victoryland” without thinking of that commercial on tv where the guy says at the end “Come JOIN us…at Victra-lan! You can be a winna too.”. I talk the same way though, so what am I even saying!? ha. Okay, back to what we were talking about here…
ANYway…Bethanne is in a show right now at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art in Florida (love her Family Entanglement there plus the art of Lucy Hunnicutt, Karen Newgard, and Lila Graves). She’s got a solo show at the Hoover Public Library in September and October plus she’s included in the Sierra Club Show at Red Dot Gallery from 9/19 to 10/17 and will be at Bluff Park Art Show and Kentuck.

There’s an art show this weekend in Asheville – the 37th Annual Village Art & Craft Fair, with 125 artists – and Bethanne was commissioned to do their promotional poster. Take a look!

I think Bethanne has a couple extra posters that she would like to share, so if you’d like to have one (free!) just email me at: ginger —at— deepfriedkudzu …dot… com First come, first served!

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