Alabama’s Authentic Experience

Time Magazine has published their list of the “50 Authentic American Experiences 2009” – and for Alabama, it’s the Kentuck Festival. They say:

Not just anyone gets invited to the Kentuck Festival of the Arts. Artists have to be chosen by a jury to display their wares there, and the pickiness appears to pay off. You’ll see some of the South’s finest quilters, woodworkers, painters, sculptors and other folk artists. But that guy who will carve your name on a grain of rice? No. Kentuck continues to grow in popularity after nearly 40 years, with tens of thousands of visitors descending on the October festival to eat, buy art and listen to blues, bluegrass, country and gospel music. Ralph Stanley, the voice behind Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, has performed in the past. Admission: $10

Kentuck has their roster of the artists for this coming year’s festival set – here’s a slideshow:

Can’t wait!

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