Pie Lab

One of the main things we wanted to see in Greensboro was Pie Lab – there were signs downtown for it:

Here it is! Could it be any…cuter?

…and what’s really genius is the sign, which can be reconfigured to spell out different words:

See how it’s done, with bolts and washers and…um…what’s that other thing called…oh I don’t know all my hardware-y words. You probably know what those other things are, though. Wing nuts maybe?:

There was a nice article that came out about Pie Lab just late last week, after we were there – part of it reads:

PieLab, the newest eatery to open in Greensboro, Alabama, would be a familiar space to creatives who frequent their local cafes. It’s a place you can order a slice of Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie, maybe some lemonade or coffee, read a book, sketch a picture, review the day’s headlines with your neighbors. Except PieLab is not really a cafe, it’s a space created by fourteen designers as part of the design-for-good movement Project M, hoping to draw the community in to a neutral space for conversation and connections. And of course, because of one very obvious reason: Who doesn’t like pie?

Bielenberg was inspired in part by architect Samuel Mockbee’s Rural Studio, a program where architecture students built homes and public buildings for impoverished residents in rural Alabama. Bielenberg’s connection to the cause was so strong that after visiting Mockbee’s home base in Hale County, he decided to locate Project M there on a more permanent basis as M Lab, building upon its gravitational pull that attracts designers and architects who want to do good.

The entire article is here. Gorgeous interior pics are here.

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