In The Window

In downtown Greensboro, there is a shop called ‘Alabama Home Respiratory’ – and these two vignettes make up their window display:

Yeah. Av knows a couple of people who used to be on the radio in B’ham. Back when the Seniors tour had their local golf tournament at Greystone, they would take their mannequin called “Zelda” and dress her up. They would put her on a lounge chair in the yard – which was right next to the golf course – and unless you actually got close, you’d have thought it was just a woman sitting out there watching the golf tournament.
Reminds me of Dottie in Starkville.
Bergdorf Goodman’s 5th Avenue and 58th Street in NYC is – from just last week through July 20 – using pieces from the American Visionary Art Museum in their windows.
Part of the Batimore Sun article reads:

There will be a window filled with wooden critters sculpted by Clyde Jones (including a pink horse and a turquoise dog), another filled with Devon Smith’s robot family (including a robot dog). There will be a display of the jaw-droppingly intricate line drawings of Ted Gordon, whose faces are drawn without pen ever leaving paper, and a window devoted to the “Aliens vs. Angels” chess set crafted by Lyle Estill.

“I think this exhibit will be a delight that is very tasty in the palate of New Yorkers,” says Rebecca Hoffberger, AVAM’s founder and director, who will be in New York for the display’s opening on Friday. While acknowledging that New Yorkers are “a tough bunch to impress,” Hoffberger has no doubt they’ll like what they see staring back at them from the Bergdorf Goodman windows.

I looked on Flickr to see if anyone had put pictures up yet of the new displays and found this one.

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