Hand-Lettered Signs

This is part two of the Vernacular Typography post from earlier this week…these places are also all over B’ham:

Love the ‘meat deal’ ribbon over the top:

The best ribs in the whole city:

This sign isn’t hand-lettered – it’s stenciled:

“We beg you with tears in our eyes to please leave us alone”

You can’t even see the house because the fence is so high. What happened? Have they been robbed or bullied or…? Oh, that makes want to just march right over there, open that gate, and give whoever that is a great-big hug.
Selling fish:

Favorite graffiti in the city:

There’s a whole neighborhood of these kind of houses by one of the interstates. This one has Bible verses:

We went to have lunch here one day last year but it was the day they were closed (and someone on Chowhound lately said that they’ve closed for good).

This place is my second favorite meat & 3 in the city – Eagle’s:

Like I could even say that and not show a picture! The *best* chicken & dressing. Ever.:

Hungry now.

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