Cucumber Salad And Wild Rice Salad

One of the great things about Summer is making all the cold salads.

Cucumber salad is easy – all you do is take a cucumber, slice it into medium-thickness slices, and arrange those on a paper towel-lined plate, then cover the cucumbers with another layer or paper towels, put a dish on top, and weight it down with something. All this goes into the refrigerator for several hours or overnight to draw out the extra moisture.

The cucumber gets chopped up (I just have to say that when the cucumber comes out of the refrigerator, the paper towels that have been soaking up the extra water have the most wonderful fresh cucumber smell!)

Cucumber Salad

Into the bowl goes a tablespoon of room-temperature cream cheese, a tbsp of sour cream, and a tbsp of mayonnaise.

Cucumber Salad

Chop up some dill, add it, and it’s the perfect filling for tea sandwiches or a summery dip for little crackers!

This is wild rice salad and it’s nice and a little different. And just like things should be in the Summer, super-easy and fast. It’s just a box of wild rice, cooked:

Wild Rice Salad

…with a 6oz. jar of drained artichoke hearts (broken up a bit, too), two scallions cut up (green and white part), and a cup of roughly-chopped pecans:

Wild Rice Salad

It’s actually good just like that, but if you add a small dollop of mayonnaise, that makes it:

Wild rice salad

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