Yesterday I went to a photo shoot for a magazine – it was at a home that was being styled with an updated look, and also decorated for the holidays. It was all *so* interesting to watch…how the photographer worked, how the photo editor and stylist set everything up to look just absolutely gorgeous…how the model was positioned to make the scene look realistic and inviting…

Oh, and I was there to look after and advise about my projects. YES!

Okay, I’ve wanted to tell this for a long time (oh gosh I don’t know why I didn’t tell before but you know how every now and then you just want to make sure you don’t jinx something!?) but I’m working on a freelance basis for Lowe’s Creative Ideas!! Can’t even say how exciting this is. There were three projects I did for this room that were included. And I’m working on some other things too!

It’s great because I’m still with the boys just like before, but during their naps and after they go to bed for the night, I can do research and dream up things. And another wonderful part of it is getting to work beside people who are super-creative and fun. So nice!

The subscriptions for the version of the magazine that is mailed to homes is free, and if you like you can sign up here to receive a subscription.


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