World’s Largest…Monolithic Dome

I can’t remember what I was looking up the other day, but something that came up read that the largest monolithic dome in the whole world is in B’ham. 

Sure enough:

It’s a church called Faith Chapel Christian Center, and it’s huge – 280 feet in diameter.  The story about it is here:

There are five or six smaller domes over to one side of the property:

This is a map of all the Monolithic church domes in the US.


There are two dome houses in Pensacola – we saw this one being built a few years ago:

…and this other one is called “Dome of a Home” and it’s by the beach and can be rented for vacations:

These dome houses are everywhere – even in pink and purple in Moscow.


The AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) had an article a week or two ago about prefab houses.  One part of the article was about Flatpak homes.  The cost is about $200-300/sq ft and is built in Wisconsin, then shipped.  The company sends a group out to assemble the house, which takes just a few days to put together.   Sounds similar to how log homes are done.  There’s a photostream on Flickr of different Flatpak houses with interior shots too.
The other part of the article in the AJC was about another company who is best known for their manufactured houses going into the green/modular business with something called the i-House.  The AP article says:

Clayton’s “i-house” was conceived as a moderately priced “plug and play” dwelling for environmentally conscious homebuyers. It went on sale nationwide Saturday with its presentation at the annual shareholders’ meeting of investor Warren Buffett’s Berkshire-Hathaway Inc. in Omaha, Neb.

“This innovative ‘green’ home, featuring solar panels and numerous other energy-saving products, is truly a home of the future,” Buffett wrote his shareholders. “Estimated costs for electricity and heating total only about $1 per day when the home is sited in an area like Omaha.”

It doesn’t really appeal to me aesthetically (inside or out – see the interior pics of how it’s decorated esp.), but seriously, $1 a day to heat/cool?!?!  Wow.

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