The New Crunchy

Last month, our Whole Foods had a peanut butter tasting, and there is hardly anyone that likes pb better than Av, so he and the baby went over for that while Shug and I did a little shopping.  

Not only did they have different peanut butters to try, but some chefs came in with their own dishes.  Well, I *love* chef Tom Robey – who came here after 18 years at Commander’s – which means I love Veranda on Highland (and if you need a reason…just read one of his Chef’s Table menus) and it just so turns out that the dish he brought was Av’s favorite: peanut butter pie (bottom right).  It even beat out “Shakin’ Bacon Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffle” (bottom left). 

Av was telling me that he used to make Rice Krispie treats for his family when he was in school, so I wanted to make some, but I wanted to do something different too.  I Googled the recipe and found someone who made something out of a magazine.  The recipe included Rice Krispies plus it had chocolate and peanut butter, so…why not!?  

The only thing is, when it comes to the part in step 2 that says, “top with the remaining 1 cup cereal” I think it’s a mistake because then the top layer doesn’t have a good way to completely adhere to the rest of the dessert.  So if you make these, either omit that portion or cut it to more like 1/3 cup.  Oh, anyway, here’s the recipe…  Gourmet has their own version of Rice Krispie treats, too.

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