That Tree Has A Leg

The other day, Av was taking us for a drive when we saw this handmade fence…

Then further into the yard we saw that this tree has a leg.  ***What?***

Um, yeah!  Well actually it has hips and a couple of legs:

And what is that?:

Oh, it’s just a mannequin on a trapeze.  In the middle of the yard.  

As funny as this is, I imagine it would have to look creepy at night, right!?

Here’s another mannequin, upside down.  Maybe this one didn’t make his ‘catch’:

…and you know how I love people who decorate:

These people are decorators of the highest order.  My friend Scott in Austin, another “yardist”, is going to have to go with me when he’s here later this summer so we can meet whoever this is.  I’ll post pics of his art environment later this week…wonderful…

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