Taylor Grocery, Taylor MS

After the Double Decker Festival, we had supper at Taylor Grocery – it’s maybe 8 or 9 miles from the square in Oxford:

Love this place!  

We got there just 20 minutes after they opened and waited about 30 or 45 minutes for a table…which was really okay because we all had fun looking at everything next door at the Taylor P.O. Gallery, including some stained glass bottle trees like this one at Felder’s site.  

This is the interior of the restaurant:

Our table was right next to the area where they have live music – and the boys both *loved* it!  It wasn’t too loud and it was really just nice-nice-nice.

We both had the catfish plate – this is Av’s:

It was some of the best catfish either of us has ever had.  And Field and Stream did an article about them back in 2004 and it includes the recipe.

Joe York did this short documentary about Taylor Grocery:

Can’t wait to go back.  

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