Sand Man Saturday Morning

This past Saturday, Pepper Place Market opened – and standing right in front of Lite Box Gallery was…

Lonnie Holley!  The Sand Man!  As in…the first-ever artist-in-residence at Intuit.
Oh, and there’s a nice interview with him here.
He’s got *several* pieces at the gallery right now. Here are just a couple of Lonnie’s:

((I like this gallery, and I think they’re going to continue to have nice and interesting art, so I just *have* to share this: whether it be this economy or the newness of the business or whatever…the prices marked are much lower than I’ve seen elsewhere.  Much-much.  As in: when we were leaving, I saw a friend and we were both, “did you see what they had marked?”.  So if you’re around B’ham…))

The *very* best part was spending time with Lonnie and watching him make things out front.  He chatted with Shug and the baby for a while – and was giving out little presents, too.  Here’s a clip of him making some of his wire art:


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