Rome, Georgia – And A Hamburger at Chick-Fil-A

This past weekend we went through Rome, Georgia and *wow* was it ever so nice and so pretty.

This is the city’s clock tower – it was built in 1871 and used to be their water tower (the cistern is inside the brick):

Rome is one of those towns where people still use their downtown.  There were *all* kinds of shops to go in – from Blacktop’s folk art gallery to all kinds of antique shops, a gourmet shop, restaurants:

…an old theatre:

This capitoline wolf copy – the Romulus and Remus statue with the mother wolf – was sent to Rome by Mussolini, and they have it in front of the city hall and auditorium:

At Berry College, they have this old grist mill:

A sign beside the mill read that this is one of the largest overshot waterwheels in the country.  It was *gorgeous*:

…and when we were leaving campus, this mommy deer was leading her baby across the road:

The baby was so little that he or she couldn’t keep up so the mommy came back to help it:

There are a lot more interesting places to have lunch in Rome, but Av (and his brother) are huge Chick-Fil-A fans and Georgia is the only place where they have Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House restaurants.  See that little short red door in the front?

What else makes it different is that they sell everything on the regular CFA menu plus things like a Hot Brown, pot pie, hamburger and even steak:

It was okay.  Mostly it was just the novelty of going to a CFA and having a server and a menu and all those other options…

Besides the Dwarf Houses, there are also CFA places called Truett’s Grill that look like old ’50s diners too…I’d like to see those Coke bottle light fixtures they have…

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