Container Gardening

At the farmer’s market, we saw these galvanized tubs being used as hanging planters:

That’s what I’m using this year for my little herb garden…Av drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage and they’re doing really well:

One of the different plants this year is eucalyptus – that came from Petals in the Past, a garden shop in Jemison, Alabama.  Their specialty is in hard-to-find plants (I got a variety of rosemary from them called ‘barbecue’) and antique roses.  Can’t wait for the eucalyptus to start taking off so I can make a cutting and hang a sprig in the shower.
There’s so much more in container gardening that I’d like to get into.  Everything from tiny succulents growing in antique muffin tins to old-fashioned baby bathtubs all planted up.  I’ve had this idea about taking an old wrought iron bed frame, setting it in the ground, building it up between the head and footboard and making a real flower ‘bed’…although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that somewhere…just can’t remember where or when.  
If we had more acreage, I’d love to do this.

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