Blue Food

Last week, I took the boys on a little drive while daddy was at the office, so we went to Wilsonville, Alabama to visit Coosa Valley Milling.  It’s where the McEwen & Sons grits and cornmeal and polenta are milled with their organic stone burr gristmill.  

While there, we took a look at the baby chicks and plants, all the horse tack inside, and I bought *several* Schleich Farm Life animals for the boys to play with.  Got a bunch of grits and cornmeal for us and some friends too – this is a pic of each of the varieties:

I’ve cooked their grits before, and made cornbread with the white cornmeal last weekend that turned out really good (only thing is, they have a recipe for cornbread on the back of the bag that includes sugar as an ingredient!  For shame.  Really – sugar in cornbread is a big no-no.).  I don’t use yellow cornmeal for anything, but blue cornmeal is pretty new to me.

Last week at Whole Foods, they were promoting their catfish and had some cooked in blue cornmeal.  Tonight I tried cooking some fish in it and decided to try their idea, but it didn’t turn out wonderful – but what was fantastic were the Vidalia onion rings I made with the blue cornmeal.  Definitely going to try that again.

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