The Green Top, And Southerners With Menus

This weekend we had lunch at Leo and Susie’s, which is also called the Green Top Cafe, or Green Top Barbecue, in Dora AL.

It’s one of those places where *all* kinds of people go. It’s very, very informal which makes it kid-friendly, except that smoking inside is still allowed (people have enough sense not to do that anywhere around children, thank goodness) and they have two highchairs.

It’s so informal that electrical outlets don’t get in the way of the wall treatment:

Av had the barbecue plate (pretty good although those beans were not):

…and Shug and I shared a barbecue baked potato:

…which I had topped with their ultra-peppery version of white sauce:

This month’s issue of Bon Appetit came a couple of days ago and has a feature called “Best Eats In All 50 States”. The white sauce at Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur is mentioned for Alabama. Av says someone should study the spread of white sauce from Decatur/Madison/Huntsville to other parts of the state and the South, like some great migratory bird.

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans is asking for help for their Menu Project. They want a menu at least once a year from every restaurant in the South plus every restaurant world-wide that considers themselves US ‘Southern’. From gas station fried chicken places to white tablecloth establishments.
Well, I save a lot of menus because I laminate and make them into placemats for the boys, but I will start sending some to SoFab, including the menu from Leo and Susie’s:

…which is especially curious because they break a rule of every barbecue joint (btw, this rule does not apply to rib joints because they only need to serve two things: ribs and white bread). See the list of sides below?:

There is something called the Trinity of barbecue restaurants: that they offer baked beans, cole slaw, and potato salad. Where is the Green Top’s potato salad?
SoFab is asking that the menus be sent to them at:
SoFab Museum, Riverwalk, 1 Poydras St., #169, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

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