Swirled, Waxed, Glittered, and Painted

Besides naturally dyeing some eggs for the Easter baskets I’m making for kids at the homeless shelter, I decided to try a few different techniques just to see how they would come out.

If you take a crayon and draw any kind of design on the egg before you dye it, the design will appear on the finished egg, because the wax repels the dye, or the dye can’t hold on to the wax, I mean.   I’m trying to do some eggs that aren’t all girly for boys to enjoy – so this one I was just seeing what a jumbled-up zig zag design would look like:

Wax effect on egg

I’ll probably let that one soak a while longer to get even darker.  For the next ones, maybe some uniform white stripes, or checks…
Oh, and wiping white vinegar all over the eggs before putting them in any kind of dye has helped the dye ‘take’, I think.

The next batch went into regular food coloring for a few minutes, then into another bowl with a complementary color food dye along with a couple of splashes of olive oil.  The oil makes the dye swirl and make spots. Rolling the egg around in that solution didn’t do too much, but holding the egg in a paper towel and gently dripping the oil/dye solution onto the egg from a few inches above, off the tines of a fork, worked really well so they had this swirled/marbelized look:

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

I was trying to come up with some way to make a special egg so that when the kids go hunting, they can bring it back for some big prize (maybe I’ll include something like a much bigger chocolate bunny when the baskets are delivered for this part).  This egg got Mod-Podged with a sponge brush, then glittered with gold all over.  Love this one.  Might even do a set of different colored glitter eggs for one basket.

Gold glitter egg

This egg got painted – just regular acrylic paint in a raspberry shade, put on with a sponge brush. I used two coats of paint for that egg, then on a paper plate I made puddle of pretty lime green acrylic paint that the end of the sponge brush handle got dipped in:

Painted Easter Egg for Shelters

This one may be my new favorite!

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