St. Joseph Altars, And Being Comfortable

Yay!  I ran across my St. Joseph Altars book in the kitchen today (it’s not a holiday we celebrate, but I bought it because of the pictures of the pastry/bread creations people bake for their altars), and that reminded me to look on Flickr for this year’s pictures.  

St. Joseph’s day was on March 19th, and the holiday is popular in New Orleans, especially in the Sicilian community.  What’s really to see are the pics of what people create for the holiday

There’s also a good article explaining the symbolism, etc. of the holiday here.

All that talk of bread!  And we are getting ready for Passover starting next week.  I read an idea this week from this article, and agree – if one of the themes at the Seder is that we are supposed to be reclining, being comfortable, enjoying our freedom – why are we all sitting cramped up around the supper table for the entire evening?  Other than the meal portion, couldn’t we get all comfy with our haggadahs in the living room?  Ooooh that would be nice!

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