Passover Craft #1: Manischewitz And Streit’s Letters!

I’m starting to make and put up decorations for Passover now. I wanted to do some kind of banner but make it different, so I just decided to print out giant letters and let them stand on the fireplace mantle rather than string them together.

You can’t go through Passover without buying and boxes of this and that from Manischewitz and Streit’s, so I used those boxes to cut the letters out of.
If you celebrate Easter and want to spell out “E-A-S-T-E-R” maybe you might want to think about Paas egg dye kit boxes or chocolate bunny boxes. As long as it is really obvious what it is, it will make sense. You know what else would be cute? To cut those letters out of chipboard (or the back (brown) side of any kind of thin box like these), and decoupage onto them Cadbury creme egg wrappers!!
These are 3.9″ wide x 5.9″ tall so they fit perfectly on the boxes I used. If you’d like to use my letters as your template, here is the file for Easter and here is the one for Passover, each as a pdf.
Anyway, cut the front and back out of the boxes so you can get two letters out of each box, then print out the letters:

Now, just put the printed letters on top of the box front or back, and cut along the edges. If you have a letter with an open space like this ‘P’ does, use an Exacto there.

Here’s how the letters turn out. I tried to make sure that the logos were visible in each of the letters just, again, to make it super-obvious that these all came from boxes/products that were familiar:

Here are all the letters. I used some Plasti-tak on the back of the ones that needed it to keep them from falling over:

Love the way this turned out! Now I just have to get going on the rest of the decorations to go along with it!

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