Making Moss Pots

I’ve seen moss pots – just simple little pots with a sweet little mound of reindeer moss – displayed in some of my favorite magazines and catalogs lately.  I got these terra cotta pots at an antique shop several years ago and decided to try it:

All it takes is a bag of reindeer moss, available at craft shops, and styrofoam balls that will fit in the top of the pot.  Hot glue is used to adhere the pieces of moss to the top 3/4 of the ball (no reason do to the whole thing since the bottom area won’t be seen once it’s inside the pot):

Some of the pots I had were too wide at the bottom for the top of the styrofoam ball to peek out of, so I just used some paper at the bottom to raise it:

Placed it in snugly, and…:

So happy with these! 

Next, I’m going to try “painting on” real live moss onto pots so that they actually grow the moss.  It’s done with buttermilk (I know!  But really, buttermilk.) and I’ve seen it done before but never tried it – maybe next week!

Tomorrow: Double Decker Festival!

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