Making Horseradish For Seder

This year for our seders, Av and I decided to make our own horseradish rather than go with the usual bottle of Gold’s.  We bought two “stalks” of horseradish at Whole Foods:

I used a knife to peel it and cut it into chunks, then it went into the Cuisinart:

Okay…here’s the warning.  The smaller the horseradish bits get, the ***hotter*** it gets.  Once the Cuisinart was going I could smell it more & more, then when I had it pulsed to teeny-tiny pieces and was ready, I took the lid off and HOO-WEE!!!  I knew it was going to be bad, but not *that* bad!  I had to go outside just to stop crying – it was terrible!  

Anyway, I – best as I could see through all those tears – emptied it into a bowl:

…added regular white vinegar to make it the right consistency (the amount will vary as to how wet you like your horseradish):

…sealed it up in a Mason jar:

*Wow*  I feel bad already for the people at each seder who bite into this thinking they are getting the usual grocery store horseradish!  Maybe we should warn them that this stuff breaks Geneva conventions…

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