When Shug was born, I had to supplement one of his feedings each day with formula (we used the Similac Organic ready-to-feed), and I somehow managed to get several cans of sample formula in the mail.  This time around with the new baby, I not only got more cans of sample formula in the mail, but a couple of diaper bags (one from my gyn office and another from the hospital, both free without my asking) with more formula choices and a couple of other things.  Since I’m not going to be using these, I brought them over to one of the women’s shelters in town and they were so happy to get them!  
I’m going to encourage others in my Mommy groups to do the same thing, and I’m going to check with Similac and Enfamil about donating some formula to the shelter as well, on an ongoing basis.  If anybody knows anyone at either of these companies so we can network a bit, please email me at: ginger :::AT::: deepfriedkudzu {{{dot}}}com.  Thank you!

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