Earth Day, Arbor Day, And Baby Trees With A Past

Today is Earth Day and Arbor Day is this Friday, so I was trying to think of something we could do, and something the boys could enjoy too (of course they’re so little…but anyway…).  I was considering the American Forests Historic Tree Program.  It’s where they ship the offspring of famous trees.  
This is a pic I took the last time we were at Oak Alley Plantation.  Saplings from one of these live oaks are for sale too!  They also have trees from the live oak at Brown Chapel AME in Selma, where MLK and supporters gathered for their walk across the Edmund Pettus bridge to Montgomery.  
I’d love to have one of the live oaks as well as a Patrick Henry Osage Orange,  a Robert E. Lee magnolia, and an Elvis weeping willow from Graceland…
Steve Bender, the Grumpy Gardener at Southern Living, posted recently about the six plants he can’t live without.   When I met him a couple of months ago, he told me that he’s had deep fried kudzu and that he liked it…and kudzu showed up on his list (it was #6, but still)!  Anybody that that puts kudzu, spanish moss, and native azaleas on their list of plants they can’t live without is my kind of person.  He’s also on Twitter, if you’re twittering.  Southern Living is on, too.

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