Cotton Baskets, Pea Hull Jelly, and Homemade Butter

Before we got to Oxford for the festival, we decided to go visit the Amish community close to Pontotoc again, especially since we were going right by there.  And one of the great things about the drive was seeing all this crimson clover in the median and alongside the road the whole way:

Just like last time, there were signs alongside their driveways so that people would know what they had for sale:

We stopped at the house with the signs above and got:

Dill pickles, sorghum molasses, chow chow, pickled beets, muscadine jelly, and pea hull jelly.  Yes!  Pea hull jelly!  Don’t see that every day… 

The house with the sign below for baked goods is where we got the cinnamon rolls and the apple pie:

We didn’t go to every single house, but I like hand-lettered signs so…

Inside this workshop were all kinds of baskets.  We bought two from this gentleman last time…

This time I bought this big basket – it looks like an old cotton basket – and the man said that’s what most people call it.  I was thinking it might be nice to hold toys in, for Shug’s room:

At the house with this sign:

We got homemade butter (actually I bought homemade butter at two different houses because I love the idea that someone out there is still milking a cow and churning butter):

It is *delicious*!  Really-really delicious.  Mmmmm.
Oh, and about a month ago, Av’s mom and dad went and picked up the two bentwood rockers that we ordered from the Amish gentleman from the community in Ethridge, Tennessee.  Love these!:

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