Bloomin’ Festival and Lake Art

This past weekend, we went to the St. Elias Lebanese Food Festival in B’ham, the Bloomin’ Festival in Cullman, and Art on the Lake in Guntersville.  

At the Bloomin’ Festival, we saw icons (I think these were by Charles Chandler):

Bowed psaltry by Dave & Paulette Lewis:

Cigar box guitars by Steve & Missie Webb:

I asked if they had seen the Max Shores documentary on APT last week on cigar box guitars and they were actually in one of the scenes!

Oh!  And there were a couple of girls there that I *loved*!  I’ve had an idea for a while now of taking fence panels and making them into garden benches (it’s a little hard to explain but I plan to make one in the next month or two) – well, these girls used antique bed frames to make their garden benches!  Oh, I love it!  

So cute!  I have their card downstairs, so if you want to contact them, email me (ginger —AT— deepfriedkudzu ==dot== com) and I’ll send it to you.  Their prices were reasonable, too.

The festival is at St. Bernard, so we went inside the abbey church.  I grew up in Cullman, so I’ve been inside a few times, but Av and the boys had never and I really wanted them to see how pretty:

After we left Cullman, we headed over to Art on the Lake in Guntersville.  It seemed a little more crafty than arty.  There were lots of people buying things, though, so it may have just been me that didn’t find anything crazy-good.  One of the nice things they were doing, though, was that they had one of the lures like the ‘Hooked on the Alabama River Lure Tour‘, like the ones we saw around Montgomery, and they were asking people to come up and help paint it: 

For lunch, we went to Crawmama’s, where we haven’t been in at least five years.  It was really good.  The baby had a fun time:

Those royal reds sure were good:

…and Shug got to sit in the crawfish chair!

This coming weekend are a couple more *wonderful* art festivals we’ll be going to…yay Spring!

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