Scrapbook Paper Wine Glass Charms

Each year at our Passover seders, we pass around a cup with slivers of paper inside. On each piece of paper is a number, and the number that each person pulls out signifies his/her turn reading certain sections.  I was thinking this year that we could make it a little bit nicer (and easier to keep up with than a sliver of paper) by turning the numbers into wine glass charms.  

20 gauge silver wire (in the jewelry dept at crafts shop)
jewelry nippers, to cut the wire
jewelry pliers, to bend the ends into a clasp
scrapbook paper (double-sided is best)
hole punch (about 5/8″ or so)
7mm (or so) jump rings (in the jewelry dept at crafts shop)
a pin to make the hole in the scrapbook paper for the jump ring
optional: beads 

To make a consistent diameter size (and nice round shape) for the wine glass charms, I just used the handle of a rolling pin as a guide:

On each end of the wire, I bent it back around a pair of little jewelry pliers so that together they would make a nice secure hook.  At this point, though, only bend one of the two ends back:

Like this:

When you’re completely done, though, this is how the two ends will clasp together:

With a hole punch, cut some circles out of pretty scrapbook paper.

I used a corsage pin to make the hole in the scrapbook paper so that a jump ring would fit through:

Open the jump ring up a bit with the pliers and fit one end through the hole in the scrapbook paper circle:

…and if you’re going for a simple look, just clip the jump-ring onto the wire and you’re done:

Otherwise, you can add some pretty beads to each side:

Here I added the number (this will be reader #16):

I’m so happy with how these turned out!

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