For months now I have noticed an ad in New York Magazine for the Gina Gallery of International Naiive Art.  

Love it!
When I was in college, one of my best friends was an art major at Montevallo, and one day we decided to go to the museum.  Well, this wasn’t just your average trip to the museum “oh I like this…that’s different…etc etc etc” this was all him explaining “okay, see the way she has her head tilted this way?  That is indicative of… and see how in this painting the subject’s fingers and feet are so slender and out of proportion?  That is from the period in art that…” and so on.  Oh, much more detailed and grandiose than I will go into here.  Of course, when you’re a junior or senior in college you think you know everything in the world anyway.  It was so enjoyable though, because he knew all these little details I would have never caught on to.  
*But* at a certain point, I just admitted to him that what I really enjoyed was the art that was pretty and happy.  
Not all naiive art is pretty and happy, but it is straight-forward.  Not much explanation needed.
The first painting Av and I bought together was at a gallery in New Orleans right after we got married – it was a painting that’s about 24″ x 36″ by Haitian artist Edner Jean.  It’s of people picking cotton (I come from people a couple or three generations ago who planted and picked cotton, so…I naturally like paintings of people planting and picking cotton…).  
Simple.  Nothing abstract:

Anyway, Gina Gallery features artists from about 25 countries, but only one artist representing the USA – Robert Logrippo.

This one by Mariangeles Puente Duran in Argentina reminds me of Sesame Street (remember the grocer?).

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